3 Ways Your Speakers Can Help You!

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Once you select a speaker or trainer, the race is on!  The race for registrations, that is.  I’ve heard from may Association Education Execs that registration and attendance is your Association’s measuring stick for success of a class.  Between the difficulties of reaching your members, to attracting their attention, to getting them to take action, maximizing class size can be challenging.

The speakers and trainers your Association hires can help you with this!  Here are 3 ways:  

1.       Start early and build the momentum!  Have them write relevant and eye-catching blogs or articles you can publish way in advance of registration, that attracts members’ attention and creates interest in the speaker’s session. Not only that, it helps you improve your newsletter!
2.       Get them bragging!  Bios are great, but bragging is better!  Ask them to provide you strong marketing materials about themselves and their session.  Go beyond the standard business photo and ask for fun pictures or at least pictures of them training.  Even better, have them send a marketing video, and possibly even links to other sessions. Give potential attendees a “sneak peak” of the speaker to increase sign ups!
3.       Co-Market!  Trainers and speakers market themselves every day.  Share member contact information and have them marketing directly by email with a link to your registration to increase your promotions without annoying your members!

We speakers and trainers want to help insure the success of your classes and will gladly partner with you! Just ask!

Mary Gwyn, CPM
Making the World a Better Place One Lease at a Time!