3 Ways Your Associations Can Help Your Trainers!

Trainers almost have a partnership with Apartment Associations!  We work to add value through filling seats, giving a quality training product, and creating additional word of mouth to your members that you provide programs that serve them well!


There are 3 easy ways you can help us too!

1.       A few days before the class, tell us who will be there.  It is always helpful to know the roles and experience of attendees.  Confirming numbers of attendees is helpful too. I often bring materials for group activities, handouts, prizes, or fidget toys to keep hands busy and ears focused!  A little information in advance helps us gear the material to maximize the message.
2.       After the class survey attendees and share the results!  Most trainers want to get better, and unfiltered feedback from attendees helps us improve.  Give us the specific comments from attendees. If they’re good, we can use them for marketing. If they’re not as positive as we would like, it gives us an opportunity to course correct, literally!
3.       Take a photo or video or two!  “Action shots” of us in front of a group in your training room can be helpful in our marketing, and even a short iphone video can capture enough to help us market. With small classes I always like a posed picture of all the trainees and me together. These can all benefit you too! Post the pics or video on your website or newsletter and remarket to your Association the quality training you’re providing!

Training for Associations should be a win-win!  My goal is to do all I can to help you achieve your attendance numbers, and to provide quality training, so you can increase the positive press you have with your members.  You can help me do that by making sure I understand who the audience is, and after the session, see survey results of what they learned and how they perceived the session.  And it’s a bonus for me if you take a photo or video I can use to market, and you can use to remarket to your members.  

Mary Gwyn, CPM
Making the World a Better Place One Lease at a Time!