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Mary, Kelly and Jennifer are all National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Institute Faculty, and train for owner/operators, Apartment Associations, and Conferences all over the country.  With strengths in marketing and operations, they present original training designed to improve occupancy, cultivate management and leasing teams, enhance revenue streams, position and brand properties, develop marketing and lease-up strategies, and a myriad of other strategic directions.  

As trainers by passion, Mary, Kelly and Jennifer are bringing along the next generation of industry leaders. They are regular speakers at national conferences such as NAA, MutlifamilyPro’s Brainstorming Conferences, Apartment Associations, Realtor Associations, and a host of national clients. Whether it’s a keynote address, all-day workshop, or company Annual Meeting, Apartment Dynamics’ training gets high marks for innovative and entertaining presentations!

A list of current course offerings follows.  Let us know how we can help you achieve your training goals!

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Mary Gwyn, CPM, is Chief Innovator of Apartment Dynamics, with over 20 years in the Multifamily Industry. She consults and trains for companies all over the country, utilizing her marketing and operating strategies on our own portfolio to produce unsurpassed results.  Mary tells people the money is made (or lost) at the property, and being guided by that truth has made her a success as a consultant and trainer.  Her hands-on approach to multifamily paired with her industry foresight and tenacity helps her develop and implement innovative solutions, and web and in-person training programs, all designed to achieve a property’s maximum financial performance.  She is a regular speaker at industry events including NAA, company annual meetings, Realtors and Apartment Associations, and writes for trade publications, including UNITS Magazine, MultifamilyInsiders.com, and the Apartment Dynamics blog.  

Kelly Cox, CAM, is a dynamic Site Consultant for Apartment Dynamics. Among the many things that set her apart, in her tenure as Regional Property Manager and Property Manager with Apartment Dynamics, Kelly achieved incredible revenue and occupancy success and NEVER gave a concession!  She earned her National Apartment Association Leasing Professional (NALP) and Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), as well as completing the NAA Instructor Education Institute. Kelly earned the coveted distinction of the NAA Certified Apartment Manager of the Year. Bringing energy and expertise to every presentation, she is a dynamic speaker, trainer and veteran Facilitator for Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Sessions, trainer for NAAEI and NC Real Estate Commission Continuing Education, and has written for UNITS Magazine.  

Jennifer Creech, CAM, is the innovative Senior Property Manager for Apartment Dynamics. Beginning her career in 2008, Jennifer was hired as their “Dynamic Solutions Specialist.” During her time in the industry, she has worked with the entire Apartment Dynamics portfolio and excels at Marketing and Training. With a passion for leasing, Jennifer hosts web training sessions and visits communities to provide creative and strategic training and marketing ideas. She is a Certified Apartment Manager (CAM), Certified Pool/Spa Operator (CPO), and a Notary Public in North Carolina. Jennifer sets herself apart in this industry because she has NEVER given a rent concession while consistently maintaining 95-100% occupancy levels and increasing rents!  Jennifer’s enthusiasm, limitless imagination, and tireless efforts enable her to motivate her team and produce excellent results for Apartment Dynamics. Jennifer is a regular facilitator at Multifamilypro’s Brainstorming Conference and insightful trainer.

Current Course Offerings:

  • The Survey Says: What Residents Want and How to Keep Them Happy
  • Press the Easy Button! Creating a Culture of Customer Service that's Easy-Breezy & Achieves Your Goals
  • Fabulous, Fanatical Follow Up
  • Etiquette for Apartment Professionals
  • You Had Me at Hello! Winning the Prospect from the First Impression
  • Creative and Successful Ways to Increase Referrals
  • Marketing in Small Towns and Suburbs
  • WHAT'S YOUR SPECIAL? Managing the Concession Obsession
  • Worth the Wait! Waiting List Strategy & Marketing
  • Apartment Life-The New Reality Show!
  • Closing from A to Z
  • High Performance Leasing
  • Sticks and Stones: Keys to Improving Customer Contacts
  • Due Diligence to get the Deal
  • CapEx: Capital Investment Strategies Made Simple for Managers & Maintenance
  • Winning Webinars-Making Your Company's Web Meetings Wildly Successful
  • Weekly Professional Development Webinars-Customized for each Company
  • On-Time Training for Your On-Time Needs. Series includes Manager Training, Regional Development, Marketing, Leasing, How to Become a Property Manager &More!

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Fabulous, Fanatical Follow Up
Are your leads dying on the vine?  We’ll give you all the resources you need to maximize every lead! Join us to learn tips, tools and techniques for Fabulous, Fanatical, Follow up!

The Survey Says:  What Residents Want and How to Keep Them Happy!
Want to know the REAL reasons your residents move? We can tell you, and even better, find out best practices for engaging customers and turning the tables on turnover, with tools to measurably improve retention!

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Making Financial Gurus out of Your Property Managers
Do your Property Managers see red when reviewing their financials? This class takes the mystery out of the most important financial measures, and helps Managers improve performance through improved understanding.

Show Me The Money!
Position yourself for strong results in 2017!  Take this class to build the Budgeting Basics for Property Managers and Regional Managers so they can show you the money!

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