Property Management Testimonials

"I have been following the results and I know that you and your team continue to do the same great job that you did when we started this journey with you.  I wish we had a few more properties for you to manage.  Best switch we ever made." -Property Owner

                 Mary Gwyn, CPM                  Chief Innovator

"Part of our decision in pursuing the deal, despite the Seller's concessions, is due to the confidence we have in Apartment Dynamics' ability to up the rents, Tom's ability to negotiate the expenses down, and the general feeling that we have gotten over the due diligence period, telling us that we have a thorough, honest, reliable and responsive partner on the ground." -Property Owner

I could give you lots of supporting information - but here's what you want to know:  they'll manage your property the way you'd manage it yourself and will do so without giving rental concessions.
-Portfolio owner

Thank you for all of your wonderful management over the past several years. 
I attribute the property's success to you and the onsite staff. The results you were able to produce enabled the partners to achieve their goal of selling the property at a surprising value. -Property Owner

                      Kelly Cox,                     Regional Property Manager

"I love the format of the reporting, Mary and Tom.  It provides what owners really want to see.  It is very readable.  One of the best I've looked at in a long time."
-Multifamily Real Estate Broker

"The new loan closed yesterday and I just wanted to thank you both for all of your help with making this deal happen.  We think you guys are doing, and will continue to do a great job with the property and should be a huge positive for the owners moving forward. There’s no way to emphasize how important a solid management crew is for the property inspections, and we were very impressed with how things went given your short tenure at the property.  Thanks for everything and good luck with the new assignment." -Multifamily Lender

Training Testimonials

"Your program last week was wonderful! We returned to the office and began working on making changes. It was great to have training information that we can immediately put into use which adds value to our marketing program.” -Property Management Professional

"Thank you again for teaching our CAPS class.  As always, they loved you!!!!!"  
-Apartment Association Education & Membership Director

"Mary . . . We loved having you.  You fit right in with our “fun” crowd. You have wonderful information and we want to share it with all.   I will be looking for you at NAA."
-Apartment Association Executive Director

"Mary, thank you, thank you, thank you! Your message was not only well delivered but it's actually unforgettable. Every time I see a speed-bump from here on I will re-frame to your words this morning." - Executive Coach