7 Things You Can Do To Keep Maintenance Cool When it's HOT!

7 Things You Can Do To Keep Maintenance Cool When it’s HOT!

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1.    Vary the schedule! Let them report for work earlier and end earlier in the day.
2.    Schedule as much of the outdoor property demands to the morning as you can.
3.    Keep a cooler of water on their vehicles or golf carts.  Have cold water handy in the office too!
4.    Buy them cooling neck wraps! And have them ready to use!  Like an Alfamo Cooling Towel or a cooling bandana. See the links below!
•    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010VMA83A/ref=as_at?imprToken=v..lWhUle9kAO9pBtj4DlQ&slotNum=4&ie=UTF8&tag=bustle6005-20&camp=1789&linkCode=xm2&creativeASIN=B010VMA83A
•    https://www.hivissupply.com/ergodyne-6705-evaporative-cooling-bandana.html?gclid=CjwKCAjw9qfZBRA5EiwAiq0AbYhkFD23TwK5VncLUPCrHAFNBmdPtmGBEtUOtEVEWOQ_HcfE4BvTQBoCKfsQAvD_BwE
5.    Remind them to take breaks. If they don’t take them voluntarily, find a reason to need them in the cool air for a moment!
6.    Give them tips, like to avoid caffeine and alcohol…although know your team…they may not want advice!
7.    Buy Flav-Or-Ice in bulk and keep it in the freezer for them!  Great for taking to the pool for residents too.

Any additional ideas to take care of your team?

Mary Gwyn, CPM
Apartment Dynamics
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