31 Days of Fair Housing

April is Fair Housing Month!

We are celebrating Fair Housing Month at Apartment Dynamics by sending out daily reminders to everyone in our company.  Below is a digest of this week's nuggets:

Day 1
I know April only has 30 days, and yes, I know today is not April Fool’s Day. But I’m starting today with 1 Fair Housing Tip per Day for 31 days!  Here’s the first:

  • Think before you speak. A casual or flippant answer could be misinterpreted.

If ever anyone has had words slip through her lips and wish she could pull it back, it’s me!  When it comes to Fair Housing, those loose words could cause a prospect or resident feel they were being excluded from renting or being treated differently from others based on a protected class.  So think before you speak!

Day 2

  • Don’t steer!

Sometimes we have great intentions and try to “place” a prospective resident in a location we might want if we were in their situation.  An example would be a family with 2 kids, and we pick out a ground floor apartment in the 3 bedroom building for them based on what we think, rather than asking what their preferences are.  That is steering, and is against the Fair Housing Laws.

Day 3

  • Include the EHO logo in all your ads, on all brochures, marketing materials, signs, etc.! It’s easy to forget, but important to include! 

Day 4

  • Perform work orders in the order in which they are received, unless there is a more urgent/emergency work order.

That said, if a toilet’s running it comes before a screen falling out, but otherwise get the work completed in the order in which you received it.  But make sure you are being consistent and not showing preference to any resident, and also not delaying completing work in anyone’s apartment.  If you do delay, say, waiting for a part, make sure you communicate with the resident so they know there’s a valid reason.

Day 5

  • Attend Fair Housing Training at least once a year!

You may feel like, “Been There, Done That,” but there are new rules and regs every year, and new interpretations.  For example, the whole “service dog” issue!  So stay current!  Let’s get 100% completion of all employees in April!

Stay Tuned for More!

I KNOW that April only has 30 days and April is Fair Housing Month, but we started early. so don't miss a single day-get the rest at http://aptdynamics.com/blog-posts