4 Important Resources to Prevent #PropertyManagementFail!

Remember the song, I did it my way!?  That may have worked for Old Blue Eyes, but it results in a #PropertyManagementFail for Multifamily Managers!  Having lived through a few real estate cycles, LOTS of new technology (who else remembers when Al Gore invented the internet), and more laws and regs every day, it takes a lot to stay at the top of your game! Here are 4 Important Resources to staying at the top of your Multifamily Game!

1. Join MultifamilyInsiders.com
You know the Beatles song, I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends? That’s what this site is like! Ever want to bounce a question off industry peers? Post it on MultifamilyInsiders.com!  My favorite thing about the site is that it is a resource for how-does-YOUR-company-do-it or what-would-you-do-if conversations with professionals around the country.  But it also has latest and greatest industry expert blogs, forms, studies, and a series of webinars that 

2. Attend the NAA Education Conference.
If you can only afford the time and money to attend one conference a year, this is THE ONE!  It offers the largest industry trade show, a wide variety of industry and related training, networking opportunities, and the best party of the year!  It helps keep your Property Management skills game on!   There’s still time to register for the one in Atlanta this June!  I have the honor of co-presenting with NAA Maintenance Guru Paul Rhodes on the topic:  Measure Twice & Improve Your Maintenance Program and Bottom Line.  You will find so many topics, so little time! 

3. Join industry related Groups on LinkedIn and sign up for digests.  
Opt for weekly digests that go straight to your inbox and quickly scan the list of articles. Click on the ones that are relevant to you and your company.  Send the rest to junk.  It’s a quick way to stay current on trends, innovations, best practices.    

4. Subscribe to UNITS digital version.
It always has great content, varied topics, quick reads, and articles you can forward and share with coworkers.  While print is nice, digital travels better.  Even the ads are usually good. 

These 4 resources are only a click away, well, maybe not Atlanta.  Some of them are free, and some are not, but all prevent #PropertyManagementFail and have a great ROI!  

What additional resources do you recommend to be a #MultifamilySuccess?