Spring-It's all about Change


New Year’s Resolutions have always been problematic.  The idea is great but the execution never seems to happen.  It’s not that the things I want to accomplish are necessarily too hard or the desire to tackle them too weak but I think it is about change.  Winter is a dead time.  Most places in the country are getting into their worst weather, the days are short and let’s face it, for the shortest month of the year, February is painfully long.

Spring brings warmer weather, longer days, lighter clothes and more importantly a renewed sense of possibility and change.  The season announces to us a fresh start, purpose and kinetic desire for transformation.  Sounds like a great time for resolutions, don’t you think.

As you ponder your personal resolutions, know that your residents are thinking the same things.  This is a great time to put together a Spring Wish List.  You are a resource for your residents so why not communicate local resources to help with their list. Publish the resources in your monthly newsletter, website or bulletin board. 

Spring is a great time to:


  • Your local United Way will be able to provide a resource that lists community agencies that need volunteers.  From reading buddies, building and gardening to programs that help with food insecurity, your community will benefit from any and all efforts.
  • Professionally you may want to explore opportunities at your local Apartment Association.

Spring Cleaning

  • What to do with all the paper? Municipalities will host Free shredding days after tax time.  Local companies also hire trucks to come to events that they sponsor.  A quick call to document shredding companies will gather a list of event dates where the public is welcome.  Ask your corporate office if it might make sense to sponsor an event. Think about combining with a sister property.  It may be an ideal time to clean out old files per your companies’ policy.


  • Publish a list of local farmer’s markets and include a fun recipe using the farm to table offerings.


  • Spring is the time of festivals, outdoor concerts and craft fairs.  Use your Chamber of Commerce as a resource or take a look at Eventful.com or FairsandFestivals.net. to provide a varied list of events. This is a great time to enjoy the art of others or to start your own hobby.
  • Batter up!  Publish a list of your local baseball team’s home games.  Have a drawing and send a resident to a game.  If you decide to be part of a youth mentoring program, a baseball game is a great outing.

Resolutions are as multiple and varied as your interests.  Use this short list to spark your creativity and help your residents at the same time.  Change is in the air!