3 Reasons You Should Attend This Week's Multifamily Insiders Webinar Wednesday!

3 Great Reasons You Should Attend This Week’s Multifamily Insiders Webinar Wednesday!

This week’s Webinar is “15 Things The Service Team Wishes You Knew About Apartment Maintenance.”  It sounds like Maintenance Training for Managers, but really, it is HUNDREDS of Maintenance team members training YOU!  Geared for those who create strategies for operations and those who implement them, such as Regionals and Property Managers, here are 3 great reasons YOU should attend:


1.      Because I said so! Not literally me, but our Maintenance teams! All the tips in this session come from their perceptions on how to get better Maintenance results!

2.      We’ve always done it this way! But the Iot is shaking things up, and our customer experience is more and more focused on Maintenance’ success. So we need to be too!

3.      Free Stuff! There are tools and takeaways you can download and use IMMEDIATELY! 

And if these 3 aren’t enough, you really will get some Maintenance “How Tos” too!
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