AMAZON ME! 5 Steps to Service Request Success!

I love packages!  I recently discovered the joys of Amazon and found a new thrill – not just the thrill of receiving the packages, but the way they communicate.  
1.    They confirmed my order
2.    They let me know when I should expect it
3.    Confirmed it shipped
4.    Surveyed to insure I was satisfied
I bet there was even a Step 5 – what to do if I was dissatisfied –  but I never needed to test that option.

Unless you rate like Amazon, your team’s Maintenance Service may be able to learn from the Amazon model.  In fact, Satisfacts 2015 Online Renter Study found: When deciding about renewing your lease, what impact does/will each have on your decision? Quality of Maintenance was #2!  * 

What are some ideas to speed things up and insure quality?
1.    Confirm receipt of the work order (by email is great!)
2.    COMMIT to a timeframe! Email works for this too.
3.    Confirm it “shipped” - Leave behind something stating it’s done, or send an email confirmation that it’s completed.
4.    Follow up with email or text satisfaction survey
5.    Follow up if not 100% satisfied! (Be prepared with step 5 in case you need it!)

In a recent conversation with a resident who uses our portal to report service requests, she said she feels like they go into the “internet black hole.”  There is no instant confirmation, such as an autoresponder, or even an acknowledgement the next day when staff gets in and sees it.  Why not?  We had to revise our policy to incorporate Step 1!  Any other tips for improving this important area?

Mary Gwyn, CPM
Making the World a Better Place One Lease at a Time!

* Source: SatisFacts Research ( “Today’s Online Renter” study, 2015