10 Tips to Help Maintenance Beat the Heat!

Summer has arrived and so has the heat!  That makes me think about our team.  How can I help them and offer them a bit of refreshment?  The heat can be tough to bear!

While our Leasing Teams are preoccupied with prospects and residents that need attention, our Maintenance Teams could quite possibly be melting.  Summer is hot and demanding for them.  Our service team members could use a little help from us to beat the heat. 

Consider these 10 tips to help Maintenance survive and thrive this summer:

1.       Slushies, milkshakes or an iced coffee could be their saving grace.  Surprise them with an afternoon treat.

2.       Put a fan in their shop.

3.       Let them take a dip in the pool late in the day.

4.       If your budget allows, gift them with a YETI water rambler bottle which will keep their water cooler throughout the day.

5.       Provide your team members with neck cooler scarfs or bandanas.

6.       Schedule your daily meeting inside the office later in the day to give them a break from the heat.

7.       Allow them to come earlier and work a flex time schedule so grounds can be done early in the morning before the temps really heat up in the afternoon.

8.       When you do a round of Poolside Popsicles for your residents, don’t forget your Maintenance Staff too!

9.       Encourage them to stay hydrated by keeping bottled water on hand in the office and shop, and text them reminders to take a break and drink some.

10.   Remind them to stay hydrated and keep cool! It’s easy to forget until

One way to boost employee morale is to help our Maintenance Techs keep their cool!  They will appreciate your efforts and most likely be more productive too. 

Kelly Cox, CAM

Regional Property Manager