3 Habits of a Successful Property Manager

Whenever people ask me what I do for a living, I reply that I’m in property management and I tend to get a blank stare back as if they think I’m speaking a different language.  (It’s kind of amusing!)  Those that are not in the apartment industry don’t understand all the many facets of this dynamic career. 

As property managers, we juggle a lot and at a fast pace.  Our roles include being a salesperson, accountant, marketing guru, occasional hand holder, administrative extraordinaire and even a counselor from time to time.  In our industry, you never have the same day twice and it’s ever changing.  To this I say, what’s not to love?

Over the years, I’ve realized that there are several habits that make up a successful property manager.  I’m honored to work with a team of managers that consistently practices these habits and manage their communities well. 

3 Habits of a Successful Property Manager Include:

1.       They are genuinely nice.

While this may seem like a no brainer, I’ve seen managers miss the boat with this one.  People rent from whom they like.  If you are unpleasant with your prospects or residents, then they won’t stick around long.  Also, great managers are kind to their staff.  The tone of a community’s office is often set by the manager’s attitude.

Successful managers are positive people who are both nice and care about those around them.  They will often put others before themselves and are willing to stay upbeat no matter how tough the day turns out to be.

2.       They are honest and ethical.

Successful property managers are trustworthy.  They tend to be honest and it shows through their consistent decisions and actions.  Managers handle their owner’s money and people’s personal information on a daily basis.  In order to be excellent in this role, one must be ethical and reliable.

3.       They are like Gumby.

If you have a difficult time with change, then property management would be a tough career for you.  You need to be as flexible as Gumby.  Successful managers are able to change at a moment’s notice.  They stay flexible and are willing to adjust as needed, even if it’s not convenient. 

The needs of our owners and customers must come first.  Staying flexible, you’re able to stretch your time and efforts to the areas that matter most.

Bonus Tip:

To be a successful property manager, you’ll want to think COFFEE!  Stay caffeinated, keep a pair of running shoes under your desk and wear a smile more than not.  You’ll get further with prospects, residents, upper management and you’ll just enjoy your day more.  Coffee rules and fuels!  J

Successful managers make it a habit to be positive, honest and flexible.  Their sites run better, they stay better staffed and their owner’s assets thrive.

Kelly Cox, CAM