3 Simple Steps to Being a Better Property Manager…That Don’t Add a Minute to Your day!

Want to be better at what you do? Try these simple steps that don’t add a minute to your day!

1. Walk your property backwards - NOT walking backwards, but walking the opposite direction you normally walk it when you do your property inspection. I run the same route almost every time I run, but am amazed at how “different” it looks and what new things I see if I run it in the opposite direction.  Switch up your property inspection and see things from a totally different perspective!

2. Write your “to do” list at the end of the day instead of the beginning of the next day. By the next morning things may have slipped your mind that need to be carried over from the current day.  It also gives you a chance to check off the current day’s accomplishments. I always like knowing that in the randomness of a Property Manager’s day I did actually achieve some of my goals!

3. Next time you think of bringing breakfast to your team surprise them with a cool afternoon snack instead. Bring a frozen treat everyone likes, or bring a blender and make fruit smoothies.  Giving your team an afternoon treat may be just the refresher they need!

Sometimes the simplest changes can give you fresh insights and make you better at your job. What ideas for simple changes do you have?

Mary Gwyn, CPM

Making the World a Better Place One Lease at a Time!